Complete Apichou Hive for Fertilization

Complete Apichou Hive for Fertilization

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The Apichou fertilization hive by its size and composition offers the ideal conditions for the breeding of queen honey bees. Indeed, this hive offers a good control of the state of the laying and more comfort to the queen to whom one can prolong her stay, its volume makes it possible to quickly obtain constant optimal conditions of temperature and humidity, which plays a determining role for the development of the spermatheque and on the precocity of entry in laying of the fertilized queens. The importance of the age of the fertilized queen when she is reintroduced to the hive beyond 20 days at a much higher rate.
Wooden factory, easy to visit to find the queen to transport and install, compatible with several hive models such as:
Dadant, Warré, Langstroth, and Bürki hives.

A wooden feeder.
Two Hoffman wooden frames.
One transparent frame cover with two openings, one for inserting the royal cell holder, and one for inserting the bees.
Roof in sheet metal with cork insulation.

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