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The Apichou hive is a catalyst and promoter of local biodiversity that anyone can easily install at home.

Destruction of habitats, loss of biodiversity

For just over a century, the destruction of natural habitats by urbanisation and intensive agriculture has led to an unprecedented loss of biodiversity. The construction of buildings, roads and industrial areas without compensation zones, as well as the uprooting of high-stem orchards, hedges and intensive mowing of over-grown meadows are the main causes of the disappearance of insects, birds and micro mammals from our regions. This loss of biodiversity causes significant additional stress for species as well as a general imbalance that results in an increase in invasive species and increasingly uncontrollable parasite and pathogen cycles. Competition between pollinating insects (wild bees, domestic bees) is also higher because the supply of nectariferous flowers throughout the season has become too scarce.

Major risks related to biodiversity loss

Without the pollination service, agriculture is exposed to great risks of crop losses, which is in addition to the risks incurred today by climate change (prolonged droughts, torrential rains). It is therefore imperative that the microstructures that provide habitats for pollinating and other pest regulating insects are preserved in order to ensure the pollination of crops in the country.

Available solutions

As natural areas are disappearing every day at a truly alarming rate, it becomes imperative to offer alternative structures serving as micro-habitats for species so that they can continue to hunt and reproduce. This problem can be overcome by, for example, participating in community actions to replant hedges and high-tree orchards. On a smaller scale, we can also provide artificial habitat support for our local species.

Description of Apichou

Apichou is available in four practical and adaptable modules with several installation and fixing possibilities depending on the space available (meadow, garden, balcony, façade). These modules have been specially designed to accommodate key local species that play an important role in pollination and the regulation of parasites such as ladybirds, lacewings, birds, etc.

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