Apichou and a Mini+

Apichou and a Mini+

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Apichou and a Mini+

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The quality of the queens depends essentially on the conditions of breeding and fecundation.
Here, we propose you a duo of simple and playful hives to be used by beginner, amateur or professional beekeepers. Thanks to standardized frames and adapted volumes for each function, transfers are thus facilitated and carried out in a natural way, for a higher acceptance rate in a new colony.

The advantages of the Apichou :
The quantity of bees needed and its volume, allow to quickly obtain optimal conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. This plays a decisive role in the development of the sperm bank and in the earliness of the fertile queens’ egg-laying.

Not very cumbersome, it makes it easy to find the queen.

Once the new queen has been fertilized, a minimum of eight days after the start of egg-laying is necessary for the proper development of the spermatheca before the transfer of the frames and its (bee) yard (of bees) in Mini+ for the continuity of its pheromonal development before the transfer to the new queen:
° Replace a queen
° Forming a new colony
°Leave to develop by superimposing bodies and thus have reserves of brood, bees or food to strengthen a weak colony.
° Make new royal cells to insert again in hive of fertilization Apichou
°At the end of the season, you can hibernate them on two bodies without any problem and thus will be used the following spring to strengthen colonies or replace a queen.

Composition of an Apichou :
adjustable bee inlet
nestable frames
transparent frame cover with opening for inserting a royal cell
sheet metal roof with cork insulation.

Composition of a Mini+:
anti-varroas flooring, drawer, aluminum grill
entrance door, fixed elements and screws
tenon assembly body with 6 nestable frames
high frame cover with feeding hole
plastic feeder 1kg
roof plate

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